About Us

Building Envelope Consultants Ltd incorporated in September 2018 to provide a professional, reliable external design resource for Roofing, Cladding, Façade & Manufacturing companies / contractors within the industry throughout the U.K, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Australia.

Our team has a combination of over 60 years experience within the construction / manufacturing industries. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with a bespoke ''one stop shop'' service from concept to production stages and are well equipped to take on projects of any size & complexity should they require any of our 4 core specialities i.e. Design, Management, Drafting & 3D modelling.

Meet Our Team

"The strength of the Building Envelope Consultant team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Steven McGurgan

BEC Ltd - Design Manager / Director

Justin Robert Burns

BEC Ltd - Project Lead Designer

Ken Paxton

BEC Ltd - Design Consultant

Dylan Dalziel

BEC Ltd - Accounts Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

The services & complexity of the projects we do means that most people have questions. Here we hope to answer most of them but if you have any others, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The requirements for innovative products have never been greater resulting in huge expectation and demand. Buildings now require fabrications, which will enhance and highlight their unique and individual architecture.

As the market place dictates the need for elaborate and intricate geometric shapes, greater investment is required in sophisticated design & manufacture technology incorporating intelligent software development. We continuously need to evolve the business and invest aggressively to distinguish the business from our competitors and promote innovative solutions to exceed client expectations.

Building Envelope Consultants Ltd can design and supply bespoke fabrications to complement the building’s design concept for a customised project. With the advancement of technology providing an enhanced third dimension, this will now assist us to produce complex structure systems. We aim to ensure products are readily available to enable adventurous architects create futuristic and distinctive building designs. The process for this would in essence be that most, if not all clients would currently need to employ services across many individual sectors (contractors) to achieve their requirements. It is of our opinion we can streamline the current process to optimise activity. This would mean we would offer the service of developing rainscreen cladding products i.e. formed aluminium, steel etc. to offer bespoke systems to suit the geometric requirements of challenging projects.

Customers currently employ the services of many individuals/companies to achieve their requirements. We believe the current steps can be streamlined and that our innovative new approach would place us in an extremely strong position within the market with great appeal to a range of potential new clients, as this service following on from our market research does not exist to this unique approach. To summarise, we are keen to shorten the current steps that are taken compared to how we would provide a ‘one stop shop’ from inception, to design, all the way to manufacture, delivery and completion.

Building Envelope Consultants Ltd has the vision to develop the architect’s conceptual idea. To fully produce and design for manufacture, 3d visual models which can then be developed to production working drawings, manufacturing profiles then finally presented for CNC fabrication. Building Envelopes can offer the engineering, design and manufacture of these bespoke solutions. We believe this would streamline multiple organisational sector involvement to achieve all necessary requirements, providing a lean focused service & product, ultimately delivering a reduced lead time to the client. We already do and it is our business ethos to demonstrate high standards with our overall aim to be recognised as innovative market leaders providing a high quality, lean service & best value to all customers from inception to manufacture to completion.

As we already do work for ‘sub-contractors’ who win projects that are already designed (not taking into account design, installation & manufacturing constraints. We are currently promoting ourselves by approaching architects (promoting the products we can develop to suit their needs – getting the design correct first time). Also, liaising with contractors & manufacturers, conveying that should they use our services & products we develop / supply, that complex geometrical shapes / designs can be handled by ourselves which means taking this off the critical path of any construction project. Furthermore, we are also taking steps to promote the company globally via social media & ongoing website developments.